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Journal Articles

Conference Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Working Papers

  • "Migration and the Value of Social Networks." (with Guanghua Chi, Xu Tan). Conditionally accepted, Review of Economic Studies [pdf].
  • "Machine Learning and Mobile Phone Data Can Improve the Targeting of Humanitarian Assistance." (with Emily Aiken, Suzanne Bellue, Dean Karlan, Chris Udry). Revise and Resubmit, Nature [pdf].
  • "Micro-Estimates of Wealth and Poverty for all Low- and Middle-Income Countries." (with Guanghua Chi). Accepted, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [pdf].
  • "Violence and Financial Decisions: Evidence from Mobile Money in Afghanistan." (with Michael Callen, Tarek Ghani, and Robert Gonzalez). Accepted, Review of Economics and Statistics [pdf].
  • "Mobile Phone Data Reveal the Effects of Violence on Internal Displacement." (with Xiao Hui Tai, Shikhar Mehra). Revise and Resubmit, Nature Human Behavior.
  • "Manipulation-Proof Machine Learning." (with Daniel Björkegren and Samsun Knight). In submission [pdf].
  • "(Machine) Learning what Governments Value." (with Daniel Björkegren and Samsun Knight). Working Paper (draft available, request via email).
  • "How Do Firms Respond to Insecurity? Evidence from Afghan Phone Records." (with Tarek Ghani, Sylvan Herskowitz, Ethan B. Kapstein, Thomas Scherer, and Ott Toomet). Working paper [pdf].
  • "Program Targeting with Machine Learning and Mobile Phone Data: Evidence from an Anti-Poverty Intervention in Afghanistan." (with Emily Aiken, Guadalupe Bedoya, Aidan Coville). In submission [pdf].
  • "Digital Credit: A Snapshot of the Current Landscape and Open Research Questions." (with Eilin Francis and Jon Robinson). BREAD Working Paper No. 516, July 2017 [pdf].
  • "The Impact of Mobile Phones: Experimental Evidence from the Random Assignment of New Cell Towers." (with Niall Keleher, Arman Rezaee, Erin Troland). Working Paper (draft available, request via email) [pdf].
  • "How Important are the Yellow Pages? Experimental Evidence from Tanzania." (with Brian Dillon and Jenny Aker). In submission [pdf].
  • "Gamblers Learn from Experience." (with Matthew Olckers). Working Paper [pdf].